Programme Atlet


Sports development program scope in Federal Territories includes Athlete development in five (5) age layer categories. Various programs were planned and executed according to Athlete layer category starting from apprentice program to SUKMA program. All programs conducted are drafted together with Sport Association to ensure Federal Territories delivers the best athlete in every SUKMA participation.

Athlete’s Local Training is a routine training program for athletes selected for SUKMA Program. In this training program, Athlete will be training at least for sixteen (16) days in a month. This training program will be conducted by appointed MSWP’s Coach to ensure all Federal Territories prestegious and talented young athletes are trained to achieve national level performance.

Objectives Of Athlete’s Local Training Program

  1. To provide continuous training in improving Athlete’s performance.
  2. As a preparation in facing local tournaments especially SUKMA.
  3. To evaluate and monitor Athlete performace from time to time.
  4. To boost Athlete’s discipline and confidence.

Athlete’s Oversea Training is a training program abroad that involves selected type of sports only. Athletes selected for this program will be send for training in other countries together with athletes in that country on a certain period of time.

Objectives Of Athlete’s Oversea Training Program

  1. To provide exposure for Athlere by attending foreign training system.
  2. To provide exposure for Athlere regarding environments and sports facilities in other countries.
  3. To improve performance and Athlete level and be competitive foreign athlete.
  4. To boost Athlete’s preparation and confidence.

Golden Sports Collaboration Program is one of the initiative under Public Service Transformation Program for Federal Territories Sports Council (MSWP) that is developed to delivers high performance athlete for Federal Territories with international standards. This program are meant to provide exposure for Federal Territories athlete, through a series of systematic tournaments and trainings according to foreign standards in order to achieve the best in Malaysian Sports Tournaments and becoming National Athlete. This program is a proactive measures to ensures Federal Territories excellent continuity during SUKMA XVI Pahang and SUKMA XVII Perlis 2014. This program is conducted together with foreign sports association where it involves gold targeted athletes only. Selected athlete will be send for training with foreign sports association for a time period and will be joining tournaments held in that country.

Objectives Of Golden Sports Collaborations Program

  1. To delivers international class Athletes.
  2. To provide exposure for Athlete on systematic tournaments and trainings that follows international standards.
  3. To create networks and expertise sharing with foreign organisations to improvise sports quality together.

Involvement in National and Foreign Tournaments is a priority program for MSWP and sports associations in Federal Territories. Athletes under training will be joining competitive tournaments in the country. Supports will be provided for related sports associationsto bring Athletes on the tournaments. For the sports which is less organized in the country, athletes will be send for tournaments abroad. However, the participations are depending on tournaments from the specific countries and only for specific type of sports.

This program is focusing on atheletes from school and paticipating in Federal Territories Schools Sport Council’s tournaments who achieve medals and excellent in each sport. This program is executed by F.T. High Performance Sport Unit by stationing a full time trainer in a specific school other than optimizing expertise from teachers in that school. The selected school will be set as State Training Center (PLN) or Regional (PLD). The selections of Athlete Apprentice will be conducted through these programs:

  • Talent Identification (TiD)
  • Talent Scouting

Objectives Of Athlete Apprentice Development Program

  1. To develop Athlete Apprentice for Federal Territories.
  2. To search for new sport talents.
  3. To ensure for Athelete continuity for every sports.

A good sport governance si an important element to ensure the success of a sport. An association that managed professionally and based on rules and constitutions is the main factor to achieve the desired target. Because of that, Sport Management Course implementation will be a medium for officers and sport managers to gain knowledge and exposure related to basic skills in organisation management. Sport management are including planning, program execution, budget management, leadership, evaluation and improvization.

Objectives Sports Management Course

  1. To develop many more professional sport officers and administrators.
  2. To provide exposure related to skills and basics of sports management.
  3. To improve personalities and efficient workflows.
  4. To increase understanding related to best practices in sports management to improvise achievements and maintain current excellency.

Sport Injury And Sport Massages Course

This course is organized to train, provide exposure and to educate officers and sport managers related to injuries management and excident in sports. The acquired skills and knowledges can be use to improve performance and sport achievement towards improving sport industry development. This course will be prioritized for trainers, former Athletes and sports officers especially in Federal Territories.

Objectives Of Sport Injury And Sport Massages Course

  1. To develop many more professional and charismatic sports officer.
  2. To provide exposure related to sports injuries and it countermeasures.
  3. Provide skill related to injuries type that might happens during sports activities.

Sports Science Course

National Trainer Institution through Malaysian National Sport Council (MSNM) has created a National Trainer Certificate Scheme (SPKK) that involves Sport Science Course to provide formal education in sport coaching field. This scheme are divided to 3 levels – Level I, Level II and III. Every level consist of components as follows :-

  • Sports Science (Co-organize with National Sports Institute).
  • Sports Specialization (Co-organize with National Sports Association).
  • Sports Specialization Internship (Co-organize with National Sports Association).

Objectives Of Sports Science Course

  1. To provide opportunities for coaches to gain knowledge in sports science and improving training methods.
  2. To develop human capitals by expanding coaching knowledge through sports science and to build up more systematic and scientific training methods.

SUKMA Roadmap Retreat

SUKMA Roadmap Retreat is a workshop to provide planning and targets for SUKMA. Furthermore, this retreat allows every sport to improvise their training system and planning especially by identifying current weaknesses to increase their achievements for Federal Territories Contingent during SUKMA. This retreat will involves all obligatory sports and several selected sports that are listed in currently organized SUKMA.

Objectives Of SUKMA Roadmap Retreat

  1. To plan and evaluate preparation of sports team / sports association in dealing with
  2. To set the target medals achievement during SUKMA.
  3. To create mutual understanding and teamworks between MSWP and sports associations regarding implementation and funding of planned programs to ensure it’s smoothly executed.