Malaysian Sports (SUKMA) winning incentive for Coachs and Athletes has been initiated to provide encouragement for coaches and athletes in attaining better achievements and performance in the national level, especially for SUKMA Festival.

The objective of athlete incentive are as follows:

  1. As an appreciation for the athlete that achieve the targeted KPI’s in SUKMA;
  2. To boost motivations for the athlete in keep training harder.
  3. As an encouragement for the athlete to keep on representing Federal Territories.
  4. To support for other necessities other than provided allowances.

Athlete Incentive are given according to Policy Paper that approved by MSWP’s Council Members. The amount of Athlete Incentives are based on current requirements. Latest Atlete Incentive guidelines as follows:

Medal Athlete Category
Individual Athlete Team Athlete
Gold RM5,000.00 RM4,000.00
Silver RM1,500.00 RM1,000.00
Bronze RM1,000.00 RM800.00

**Incentive rate are subject to changes from time to time.


Education Incentive is one of the reward scheme for Athletes that still in educational level either in School or Higher Education Institution. The objective of Education Incentive are as follows:

  • To provide funding support for Athlete di School and Higher Education Institution.
  • As encouragements and motivations for the Athlete to work hard and focus to achieve academical success beside of success in sports.