Functions of Management Services


Human Resource Management

  1. Designing organizational development and conducting research proposals for repeal of posts and re-grading of posts
  2. Collecting, preparing and coordinating personnel information as well as the need for new job creation;
  3. Coordinate the participation of scheduled courses organized by public and private training institutions;
  4. Provide Strategic Planning for Human Resource Development;
  5. To plan and coordinate affairs affairs and promotion of officers;
  6. To carry out verification affirmation, service confirmation and pension status,
  7. Managing disciplinary action;
  8. Manage the declaration of personnel property;
  9. Managing the Determination of Higher Starting Salaries;
  10. Coordinate and process business responsibilities;
  11. Conducting the Human Resource Development Panel Meeting (PPSM);
  12. Implementing the Excellent Service Award Council (APC);
  13. Make a Succession Plan plan for all employees in MSWP;
  14. Managing appointment of permanent officer and appointment of contract officer;
  15. Design and manage MSWP personnel placement;
  16. Managing appointments on a temporary borrowing / exchange and fixed exchange;
  17. Managing retirement options and compulsory retirement;
  18. Manage exit applications on official and private matters;
  19. Manage personnel leave based on General Order Chapter C; and
  20. Coordinate medal awards and the stars of greatness of the states and the Federation to be submitted to the KWP.

General Administration Management

  1. Handling correspondence and file system management;
  2. Monitor office cleanliness / security / damage;
  3. Managing the Vehicle and Driver Department;
  4. Dining Room / Dining-Drink;
  5. Managing Logistics For Official MSWP Officers;
  6. Managing office and equipment facilities;
  7. Management Building Management;
  8. Managing Asset Management;
  9. Managing direct acquisitions, quotes, and tenders for supplies, services and services;
  10. Managing Money Rents;
  11. Manage application and issuance of Government Order (Local Order); and
  12. Manage order requests and release of Civil Aviation Warrants (WPUA).

Corporate Communications Management

  1. Manage and be responsible for the delivery and dissemination of information at national and global levels;
  2. Plan, implement corporate image and public relations enhancement activities;
  3. Plan, coordinate and implement the program’s Communication / promotion / publicity plan and achievement;
  4. Managing and controlling relationships with the media;
  5. Provide MSWP portal material or information;
  6. Provide advice on programs, notes to editors / press releases and media advisory on coverage;
  7. Managing and conducting briefings on functions and roles of MSWP;
  8. Coordinate and manage the preparation and implementation of official MSWP functions;
  9. Plan, manage, implement and monitor all customer-related matters and complaints received;
  10. Planning, coordinating and publishing publications materials;
  11. Handle relationships and collaboration with other organizations in enhancing MSWP images;
  12. To provide public relations and affairs;
  13. Act as a media secretariat;
  14. Coordinate and manage public affairs for programs conducted by the council;
  15. Plan and manage program efforts to gain sponsorship and donation;
  16. Providing speech text for Official Councils; and
  17. Become a Secretariat in preparing the Annual Report of the MSWP.

Information Management

  1. Manage matters related to system / application development / portal;
  2. Designing, building, implementing and maintaining systems / applications;
  3. Monitor and System Administrator to SAGA System, Athlete Information System, Feedback System, Course Registration System, e-Position System, HRMIS System, Meeting MY System and Mobile Apps Wipers.
  4. Maintain and update the MSWP portal;
  5. Promote the use of ICT application systems and provide support services;
  6. Train the trainer to the MSWP staff;
  7. Manage, design and provide ICT-related multimedia materials such as slings, posters, montages, backdrops, program books and so on for related occasions and councils;
  8. Build and maintain computing infrastructure, UNIFI / LAN;
  9. Analyze, monitor, implement and evaluate MSWP network performance;
  10. Manage and control acquisition of hardware and software, regulate ICT security, act as Database Administrator and System;
  11. Manage the actions of upgrading ICT equipment and addressing damages
  12. Provide all necessary ICT equipment and software for the purpose of smoothening the course of seminars / courses / training and meetings;
  13. Managing, maintaining and storing ICT equipment in MSWP including facilitating the lending of ICT equipment;
  14. Administer 1Govuc email accounts for all users in MSWP by performing email administration work such as creation, updating, archiving and deletion of 1Govuc email account.

Financial Management

  1. To deal with accounting and financial functions;
  2. Provide budget for MSWP budget;
  3. Managing the Audit of Internal Audit and Auditing;
  4. Monitor and implement financial procedures and regulations;
  5. Manage payment of allowances, claims and all refunds;
  6. Implementing Local Order payment and bill payment without Government Order (Local Order);
  7. Manage receipts / receipts and receivables;
  8. Maintain cash book;
  9. Maintaining the book vot;
  10. Manage and supervise financial records;
  11. Manage and provide monthly, quarterly and annual reports;
  12. Accounting management and preparation of annual financial reports;
  13. Preparation of JKPA MSWP report;
  14. Managing donations, assistance and incentives;
  15. Managing payment of allowances periodically;
  16. Provide feedback on Internal Audit and National Audit Reports; and
  17. Managing MSWP Bank Accounts.
  1. Monitor the travel of the Federal Territories athletics, athletics and coaches program to get feedback and real picture of sports progress.
  2. Coordinate other sports associations and agencies in the Federal Territory.
  3. Consider, review and manage applications for financial assistance from sports associations in the Federal Territory as well as assistance donated to sports associations.
  4. Design programs to honor and recognize sports athletes and drivers.
  5. Coordinate mass sports programs.
  6. Managing incentives and safeguarding the welfare of Federal Territories that achieve Excellence in sports.
  7. Managing the appointment of full-time coaches (JPM) and part-time coaches (JSM).
  8. Assisting mass sports, paralysis and youth development programs
  1. Plan and implement training programs for the development of talent athletes in High Performance Sports.
  2. Responsible for managing suitable sports facilities equipment to streamline training and identify training centers.
  3. Plan and manage contingent preparation in the face of national-level championships throughout the year;
  4. Provide program planning on human capital development for athletes and sports officials through motivational camps, coaching seminars and sports management;
  5. Make plans for contingent entries to international tournaments for outstanding teams at the national level;
  6. To collaborate with sports sponsorship agencies to implement sports programs for national integration purposes;
  7. Cooperate with the National Sports Council for the implementation of development programs from grassroot to national level;